General Investigations

Our team is highly experienced in the field of investigation.
Our methods are discrete, efficient and actions are taken extremely professionally. We are able to conduct investigations of any kind, concerning private or public affairs for corporate institutions and individuals.

Investigations in Thailand

Asset Investigations

Does someone owes you money and you would like to check his assets ?
Prior to negotiations, meditations or court cases, hiring a private investigator can give you crucial information’s on a person or business asset status.
Our team will investigate on your case in a discreet way, guaranteeing confidentiality and result.

Background Investigations

Backgrounds Investigations are very useful in many situations. In fact, it s always necessary to investigate in order to take the right decision, in a personal or professional environment. Why not do it in a professional way then ?
Are you considering investing on a new business opportunity ? Our experienced team can conduct discreet and precise investigations to help you making business decisions being sure of the information veracity.

Would you like to verify that your potential business partners, your future employee are reliable and have a proper background ? Our team will search and confirm through evidences history and backgrounds of people concerned.

Investigations in Thailand

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